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Samsung Frame too bright

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Just got the Frame today, but I can't make the art mode look realistic. It's too bright. I've seen the thread about the sensor needing to sit proud of the bezel, but mine is and its still too bright. The only way to 'dull' it down and make it look realistic we've found so far is to put our hands over the sensor, whih isn't exactly ideal! I've done the dimness setting etc. it's a dull grey day today, if that makes a difference, but I'd still like it to look like realistic art rather than a TV- because that's rather the point. 

Has anyone got a fix for this? It may be a deal breaker. 

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We have the same issue with the 43'' model UE43LS003 and the sensor is sitting correctly beneath the frame. Adjusting the brightness with the mobile app doesn't solve the problem as well. Even on the lowest possible setting, the art mode is too bright.


Covering the sensor with a black tape and adjusting the settings with the mobile app solves the problem and the art mode looks realistic. But this hack is really not a solution. Through covering the sensor, the motion detector is not working anymore of course and the brightness has to be adjusted manually all the time the light amount is changing to look realistic.


Will there be a software update for that? Maybe even with a calibration option? This issue is a deal breaker indeed!


We've done the black tape trick too, but I agree its not really a 'fix' We are also only going with dark artwork, as anything on white/pale backgrounds or pale mounts looks too bright. It's become a bit of a daily frustration as sometimes it will behave perfectly only to suddenly go bright for no reason. The black tape makes it too dark. Grrrrr Samsung. are you reading this? I spent many hours on live chat trying to sort it out, only to be told it's probably 'your eyes!'



Unfortunately I have the same Problem too (43“). Its too bright too look realistic in Art Mode. The brightnesssensor does not work correct. Its Irritating.

When will be an update available? 





Since everybody seems to have this problem, I cannot get around the fact that there is no fix by now. This should be purely a software thing, easy to implement. Just allowing the remote to go darker than is possible right now would aready ease the problem, even if necessitates more manual correction. But most of the time the frame around the picture is just too bright and the whole thing looks fake, defying the purpose of the "The Frame" alltogether. So fix it Samsung or rebrand the thing as "The Fake Looking Frame". 


May not be a solution as such, however some recommendations from HD Panels article.  Their findings suggests that the standard mode creates too creates too wide a colour space and as a result undesireable colour standard.  Movie mode offers better balance but still not ideal with saturated greens/reds and CMS callibration really required, which may not be an option for everyone.   Firmware upgrade though would make a difference, do not have experience of  "The Frame" myself though.


Anyway can see the full details here


I've had my 55" frame for a couple of weeks now and I'm really disappointed in Art mode. 


In the morning when the room in bright its never bright enough. In the evening when it's darker it's too bright. If I adjust it manually it's not much better. It never looks realistic which defeats the point. 


I swapped out the TV as I thought the sensor must be faulty but there was no difference. However I kept the old one connect box so I'm wondering if its that. 


The only time I've seem the brightness change automatically is if I shine a torch on the sensor in the evening. Ive never seem it brighten with lights on or dim when I turn them off. 


Anyone else had the same issues? 




Reply to HexusOdy: It dims automatically. Put your hand over the sesor unit and it will go really dark after about 5 seconds. But bottom line, the luminescense is often off and The Frame looks fake as a result. Even with manual correction  to the darkest mode it is frequently still too bright for a dim room. 


One thing that eases the problem is the choice of the art on display. Muted darker colors work better than bright images. A grey or dark passe-partout choices is less prone to being too bright. This motif from the art store works well for us.




Thats for the info and the images. Unfortunately when I put my hand over the sensor nothing happens.


As this is my 2nd TV but the same One Connect box I'm guessing the issue is not with the sensor but with the brains in the box.


If the TV does not dim down once you place your hand over the sensor unit, I would assume that the thing is broken. If anything, The Frame is reacting to changes in lighting too much and not very subtle. If you do not experience profound changes over the course of a day, there must be something wrong for sure. 

I would get in touch with Samsung's support chat. If they do not have a quick fix right away, it is time for the service guy.  The good thing is, that the problem can be easily reproduced by covering the sensor unit. I do not recommend emailing the support. I did that, when I thouhgt the movement sensor did not work and they never came back to me. Chat support is a bit laggy in terms of answer times, but the end result is ok.

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