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Samsung Frame 2020 - Sound automatically switching to HDMI ARC

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Samsung Frame 2020 and Sonos Amp connected via HDMI ARC

When I change the sound output to built-in TV speakers in Samsung TV, it automatically changes back to HDMI ARC sound output in a few seconds.


Sometimes I want to use the TV with its built-in speakers, so I don't want it to always automatically and persistently switch to the HDMI ARC sound output.


How can I disable this automatic switching? 

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Had the same problem with my QLED TV and my Sonos system connected to HDMI ARC tried it conected to Optical no difference. went on Live Chat with Samsung thet took over the TV spent over an hour playing with it to no avail.
The only way I found to solve the problem is, go to settings, General, External Device Manager & turn off Anynet+ HDMI-CEC. Now I can use the TV speakers and more importantly my Headphones.
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Thank you very much for the workaround, unfortunately not applicable to our case, because then we lose the Samsung remote's ability to control the sky box. Also it is complicated for a normal user to go into settings and find and change this setting every time. I hope Samsung fixes this bug. Assuming it is a Samsung bug...

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In case this helps to anyone, I have contacted Samsung support and they seem to be aware of the problem and in the process of working on a fix. Samsung support rep's response is below:

"I see. Upon checking this is being investigated by our Headquarters and they are now working on a resolution and coordinating with Sonos. As soon as there's a fix on this issue, Samsung will release a new update to fix the fault. The TV is set to "automatically update", once there's a new update/resolution, the TV will be automatically updated.


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