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SAMSUNG 55-Inch Class OLED 4K S95C Series

(Topic created on: 14-09-2023 05:56 PM)
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Purchased the TV and Soundbar  (Samsung HW-Q700C/ZC 320-Watt 3.1.2 Channel Sound Bar with Wireless Subwoofer).  Connected through optical cable (TV Sound + Soundbar (Optical)) and had no issues, okay sound.  Sometimes would get a lip sync issue and needed to change source and go back to same source for the sync to correct itself.  However I noticed a couple of nights ago that this option no longer exist and I have to use TV Sound + Soundbar (WiFi).

The optical cable is brand new and still works because I have an option under sound for Receiver (Optical) and if I do this the sound will come out the the soundbar.  I can choose the soundbar (wifi) connection and sound will come out of the soundbar too. 

Reset the sound setting on the TV but that did nothing.  Stumped as to why I lost the "TV Sound + Soundbar (Optical)"  option.  I really don't want to have to reset the soundbar or TV (more so cause I had it tuned) but seems like my only option