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S90c 60 hz issues

(Topic created on: 24-02-2024 10:13 AM)
First Poster

Hello, I would extremely happy if any of you can give me some tips or ideas with the issues I have with S90c.

My gear is: 65S90CATxx connected to Yamaha rx-v583 AVR with certified HDMI cable. AVR was also connected to Intel NUC11Pahi5 (now it's itx system with R5 5600G) from where I'm watching most of my home cinema stuff via Kodi. AVR supports 4k@60hz so I’m running W11 4k on 60 hz.

The issue I have is with motion handling. When I watch 24p stuff (Kodi, mpc, vlc..) I got random frames slowdowns. I don’t know exact technical term for it. I don’t think it’s judder or stutter (I know.. Oleds suffer from slow panorama shots and similar but that’s not an issue). It’s just when I am watching a movie/clip (480p, 720p, 1080p, non HDR) the playback motion slows down for a 1-2 seconds every couple of minutes and than back to normal. It’s like it slows down from 24 fps to 5 fps for a moment. I don’t know is this 3:2 pulldown issue?

I never had this issues on LG C6. The closest way to rectify this issue is if I change refresh rate to 50 Hz in Windows.

But even when I am watching anything on set top box (if signal is 1080i@60hz) from my TV provider I get random slowdowns. If I switch to 1080i@50hz it's okay. If I reboot S90c nothing changes.

My clarity settings on TV are off. Even if I play around with judder&stutter setting there’s no difference.

Thank you for your time and advices.