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Nvidia Shield 2019

(Topic created on: 07-05-2021 11:52 AM)
First Poster

Hi guys,

Could use some help on this, as the mighty Google isn't providing much in the way of info.

I have a Samsung UE55JU6800 4K smart telly. It's a little older, but still has great image. In an attempt to improve the user experience without splurging on a shiny new OLED or such, I got my hands on a 2019 Nvidia Shield Tv. Small problem, TV does not want to play ball. If I restart the device, I will get the Nvidia logo for a few seconds, then a flash to black, then a few more seconds, then the no signal/connection/check cables message. Using the tools option on the remote still brings up the Nvidia Shield options, so it's still getting some information from the device. Shield works fine if I plug it into my Acer Predator 27" monitor. A curious note, running my PC into the TV via a GTX 1070 had similar issues until I set the output to 1080p @ 59.97Hz.

Fixes attempted so far:
All HDMI ins.
2 x different cables.
Set HDMI 1 to HDR Support.
Set Shield to 1080 @ various Hz on monitor before connecting to TV.
Attempted pass through via TCL Ray-Danz soundbar.
Updated TV Firmware.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. I might try another streaming box, but am loathe to lose the AI Upscaling on the Shield.