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QN90C sound sync issues when streaming from laptop using HDMI

(Topic created on: 14-12-2023 06:34 PM)
First Poster

I'm having a baffling issue when streaming video content on my TV via HDMI cable.

When streaming on some websites, the picture stays frozen for a moment while the sound begins playing immediately, leading to a lag between the video and the sound (the picture is delayed relative to the sound).

The odd thing is that Youtube works, and actually fixes the issue on other websites. The issue returns after leaving a video on pause for a few minutes. I'm able to fix by reloading a Youtube video, playing for a few seconds and then playing the other streaming content. The issue returns again anytime I pause.

I've tried: switching HDMI cables, using Game Mode, disabling power saving in RegEdit and the Device Manager, ensuring refresh rate is set to 60.

Model number: TQ50QN90CATXXC

PC: Dell XPS 13 9305 running Windows 11

Really appreciate any ideas you may have!