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QN700B Neo QLED 8K HDR Smart TV (2022) QE55QN700BTXXU

(Topic created on: 17-10-2023 12:43 PM)
QN700B Neo QLED 8K HDR Smart TV (2022)


Is it normal that a TV costs over £1K? After turning off the screen, it beeps that you can't sleep  ? And after deducting from the power supply and reconnecting Sometimes it doesn't turn on 

Oh, I forgot, this is high technology And that's how it should be. It's like my expensive TV then Q8 series I should probably recycle it After all, he is 8 years old and doesn't squeak .
And it turns on every time I need it Not the same as the new one who says that when there is a power outage, I have a problem with turning it on
Actually, I wonder if Galaxy s24 will look the same as S23/S22 Eventually it will be something the same old as the previous model

Keep it up Samsung There's no point in fixing something when you can say it should be like that Because it is the latest technology

The year is 2024. We cannot control the volume of the Bluetooth device with the remote control, you cannot do this, even though we are in 2024, you still cannot do it. we understood it. You also put an optical audio output on the One connector box. I don't understand why we cannot control the volume of the device to which we connect the optical audio output. If you put a physical audio output there, shouldn't your users be able to use it too? I could do all of these with my old TV, Samsung Q8C, without any problems. However, unfortunately, none of this happens with the new model QN700B. Are you aiming to stand out only with the screen in terms of technology? In other technologies (such as software), you are clearly going backwards, not even counting where you are. The way your technical services communicate and talk to customers is already a disgrace. Maybe you don't know, but your technical service is openly criticizing your products. You can see this by looking at the complaint records. This is an attitude beyond disgrace that does not suit Samsung at all! (at least that's the case for Hong Kong). I don't know if there is any other company that victimizes its customers this much. Unfortunately, most of my devices in my home are Samsung, but it looks like this will change soon. I also express my hatred for not valuing your customers.