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QE55Q90R panning judder

(Topic created on: 23/12/20 18:02)
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I have a QE55Q90R QLED TV


It seems to suffer from picture judder when the camera movement is horizontal or vertical.  It can be made better playing around with the Automotion settings but these settings need to be altered for different programmes.


It happens on SDR and HDR, with the inbuilt freeview tuner and the inbuild apps like netflix prime.

Samsung support is terrible and I think 'I ve seen this topic before.


On netflix if I get the movement ok-ish with custom settings on automotion, then I go back to watching live tv, say a game show like tipping point.  On tipping point the movement of the peoples heads become slightly juddery so I have to turn off automotion.


Having to change this setting for each programme I watch is unacceptable.


I have a friend who has the QE65Q90 model, this also suffers from the same but he isn't too bothered as it is not his main tv.


It is something to do with the way the tv processes movement with different source material frame rates.


I can't watch it for too long.


I spoke to samsung support today who confirmed it was a known software issue, along with all the others that are being looked into and I would get a call back from a technical support team member.


The other issues are the intermittent recording onto a usb drive,  this has also been confirmed to me to being a software issue by samsung head office.


The other issue is sit always asks for a pin when a programme has guidance, this cannot be turned off in the settings menu.


All these issues are unacceptable for a flagship model and if anyone else have these issues please add to this thread.  The more people the better will hopefully get Samsungs notice.