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Stutter during slow panning, how good/bad is the QN95?

(Topic created on: 07-09-2023 08:07 AM)

I currently have a 55" Q9FN and am thinking about upgrading to a 65". I still think QLED is better for me due to having a very bright living room and have been looking at the QN95B (if I can find one). 


One thing that's always bugged me with the Q9FN is that on slow panning scenes, particularly wide angle aerial panning, the picture stutters every few seconds, as though it momentarily freezes and then 'jumps' to the next frame. I can't find a definitive answer about what it's called, but I believe it's stutter rather than judder and is caused by the sample and hold.


I've tried all different motion settings but they always induce artefacts and so just turn them off. Looking at Rtings the frame hold time for the QN95B is 34.4ms for 24fps content, and 9.4ms for 60fps content, both of these are noticeably worse than my Q9FN which are 26.2ms and 1.2ms.


Does this mean that the QN95B will show more noticeable stutter on slow panning scenes, or do those numbers not necessarily relate to this? Are the QN95B motion settings better at reducing these effects without introducing artefacts?


Any help would be appreciated.