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Q90T/Q95T : Purple Ghosting (even with firmware 1460.9)

(Topic created on: 28-09-2020 05:44 AM)

Hey everyone...

So I have a question about Inverse Ghosting on my 55Q90T while playing on a PS4 Pro and a PS3 (I don't have a PC or a Xbox to test another hardware).
Since update 1460,9 (and after multiple factory reset) :

  • no more inverse ghosting on Game Mode (Game Motion Plus OFF), but the picture quality is not what I expect from that TV (light color banding, very bad local dimming and weird dirty screen effects)
  • inverse ghosting on Game Mode (Game Motion Plus ON), but some of the worse consequences of Game Mode are less evident
  • inverse ghosting present in any other picture mode outside Game Mode (Standard/Movie/Filmmaker), but of course with a lot better picture quality all around.

So, my thing is I'm not strict about response time. Unless I'm playing a competitive online shooter or fighter, I don't really notice the difference. So I would like to enjoy the better picture quality of the picture modes outside Game Mode, but the inverse ghosting (especially in dark games or during night time in open world games) is unbearable.


What is worrying me is that as far as I know most people don't have any inverse ghosting issue after the 1304 patch.
Just to be clear, my "ghosting" looks like a purple silhouette that appears in front of dark objects on light(er) backgrounds when camera panning.


I thought maybe my panel was faulty, but then why would it go away with the patch in Game Mode? Also, the weird thing is that, sometimes, while tinkering with the settings, the ghosting goes away for just a little bit, and then comes back for whatever reason (without me changing anything).

Some games that will immediately show me inverse ghosting :

  • Assassin's Creed Odyssey (HDR) : go to a temple by night an camera pan looking at the columns
  • Red Dead Redemption 2 (HDR) : by night, look at the trees
  • Ashen : inside a dark cave, look at stone columns
  • Watch_Dogs 2 : by night, look at the trees in a park
  • Dark Souls Remastered : first bonfire in Undead Burg, stand next the bonfire and look at the exit
  • Call of Duty - Infinite Warfare  : asteroids in space missions

Thanks for anyone who can help, I'm at a loss here!

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hi , my 90T did same things, on 120hz gameplays , from pc with rtx 3060 ti i can say you are rather lucky mine had salad green artifacts , purple was there too, if i drop my game to 60hz , those things are gone , but in general it is not that it lack power , just 2020 models had some probs, but nobody says nothing about it from Samsung , its sad to see such unprofessional performance from such company as Samsung.

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Thanks for clearing/confirming this. It's a real shame, other than that I really like the tv but color ghosting in games is just a big NO. Mine is only a 400€ one but this on a 1000€+ TVs is just unacceptable.


Yes , that was my biggest point , that im paying for top model to get top performance. Plus i payed all the money for tv , so i want a product that works 100%. Even after panel replacement and mobo , the issue was not resolved... 


Q60R here, 1392 firmware... inverse ghosting in dark areas in games, with or without game mode, when 120hz is on....


Q70R is the same with the newest firmware. Inverse ghosting in dark areas everywhere. Hard to really enjoy playing games like that. Is there nothing they can do to reduce it even if it means less "overdrive" and a bit more latency?