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Red ghosting/smearing on 55" AU9000 (2021 model)

(Topic created on: 05-03-2023 02:57 PM)

I bought the 55" AU9000 2021 model last March, and have been loving it up until a couple of months ago. Around about January I started to see a red smearing/ghosting effect which happens during motion, especially in low-lit scenes. I initially noticed it while using my laptop/HDMI input to watch HD video. I've tried everything I can think of to fix it, including a soft reset, hard (factory) reset, changing HDMI inputs, changing image profiles... but nothing works.

I really do love the picture quality of the set, but this red smearing spoils things - it's extremely noticeable in low lit scenes. I've read a few other threads talking about ghosting/smearing but am curious if anyone has any suggestions at this stage? I'm not sure whether it's a fault that my panel has developed or whether it's firmware related (I've updated to 2111.1 and the problem persists - I noticed it first with 2101). Is anyone else having similar problems?

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Hi @Zelda11  have you tried a different HDMI cable as sometimes that can be the issue. Is it the same with Different picture Modes, looks like you have adjusted some of the settings.  Auto Motion settings can make a difference, generally best set at a low level.  The contrast can effect things too, some experimentation is required.    It may be software related though, hardware less likely though a possibility.  Do any errors show in a Picture Test, Support-Self Diagnosis-Picture Test?

Some information in this article 


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Thank you for your reply @JAMES4578 

I have tried the laptop with the same HDMI on an old sony TV and the image is clean with no red smear.

It is indeed the same in different picture modes. I've cycled through them all and the same effect is visible.

I've done the diagnostic picture tests on the set but no problems are being reported.

I'm at a bit of a loss!

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I have exactly the same issue, started around the same time as well. I'm on FW 2130.

I've tried every possible variable in the settings, different hdmi cables, hard reset. The issue persists on PS5 and native apps and can even be seen when the TV is in grey scale mode (in the accessibility tab). 

It's driving me mad as it makes everything look really bad.