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Q8C 2019 4K QLED Tizen4 unfixed bug / feature request list

(Topic created on: 21-09-2021 09:11 AM)

Hello everyone,

as an active lurker on the site, I gathered here some list of all my found bugs and missing features on 2019 Q8C $2K QLED 4K TV.



Timeshift crashes Samsung after 90 minutes.   This wasn't previously so, it has been broken.

Having HDMI active usually stops Recordings from happening.  It depends on Resolution and frame rate

If recording doesn't happen, for e.g. reason above, the whole schedule for it is lost and needs adding again.

No Tizen / Security Updates on TV. Tizen 5 was released 2018 and Tizen 6 2020. Neither is available. Also 3rd party software usually requires Tizen5 or Tizen6 because library features are only available on them. This is a killer.

No OSS support for TV. Why is that, Samsung ? Do you have some no-talk contract with someone ? China forbids ?

Exfat/fat32 write support broken. NTFS is horrible slow after 6 months, as it leaves extra files around. 800 files is a killer. While NTFS specs are good, this implementation is meant for Raspberry or smaller. Memory issue, perhaps. This could be mitigated by not scanning all files in the directory everytime one clicks Recordings.

Setting Recording more than 1 minute before (e.g. -3 ) breaks the program name display


Feature Requests

Either update to latest Tizen or give the TV to OSS

Some simple video editing, e.g. Delete to end, Delete from beginning, delete from A..B


Thank you all. Hope you can reply with your Samsung Fault lists and it gives some insight whether to buy Samsung or not.