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The Frame 2022 - Upload photos does not work

(Topic created on: 06-07-2023 04:43 PM)
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I have a 55" 2021 and a 75" 2022 Frame TVs. Both handled by the same iPhone and same SmartThings app. The 2021 TV i can upload photos and create collage but the 2022 i can not upload photos nor creating collage. And even though it is the same app it is different menus on the different TVs. This is the behaviour:

1. Upload more than 1 photo always give me "upload failed" and no photos where uploaded.

2. Upload only 1 photo always give me "upload failed" but it is uploaded. If i do it again the new one replaces the existing.

3. If i in the SmartThings app go to Art mode and scroll down to "My album" and click it i always after loading a while "System error, please try again later".

If someone from Samsung reads this a New Feature Request would be to upload the photos to the app and then from the app choose on what TVs the photos should be on. Not do it on a per TV basis and different depending on model.

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Did you manage to resolve the issue? I can get photos into ‘my album’ but I can’t  then load onto my frame IMG_2295.png I