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Q70R no contrast enhancement as PC monitor = HDR content becomes too dark

(Topic created on: 07-11-2021 12:13 PM)
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Hi all I am new here 🙂

My high end gaming PC is connected to my 75' Q70R TV. I just prefer to play games in my living room with the best surround setup rather then in a small room with a headset and a smaller screen. This is how I prefer my home entertainment and my gaming setup.

Straight to the case! While I am using my Q70R TV as PC monitor there's no setup for "contrast enhancement". My windows 10 the HDR is turned on and set to HDR10 in NVIDIA. What bugs me about this is that since the contrast enhancement can't be set to "High" as PC monitor the HDR content becomes too dark (even background light, contrast and local dimming is set to maximum). It's especially dark when I am viewing 4K HDR movies from either my payed Zoom Player, VLC Player or Windows 10 Netflix app.

I've tried many ways around this such as turning the HDR brightness to maximum in Windows 10 screen setting, adjust the color calibration for Windows 10, different brightness and contrast level in NVIDIA graphic card, different settings in the madVR in the video players. NOTHING works so far! Its still too dark!

When watching Netflix, HBO Max, Disney+, Prime Video etc. from TV app in the smart hub where the contrast enhancement can be turned on to either low or high it eliminate the darkness of the 4K HDR movies but using the TV as PC monitor where this setting isn't available the Windows 10 HDR content is bugged with being way too dark.

The only way I could cheat to make it a little better is that I had to turn the ST.2084 Gamma to +2 but not increase the brightness anymore because the black level would become too gray.

My questions is are Samsung aware of this problem? Will they in future update add this option for PC? Are there any other ways I don't know about that the contrast enhancement can be adjusted for my Q70R Samsung TV as PC monitor?

EDIT! Solution found! I just change the source on my TV to Gaming Console rather then PC and now I can add contrast enhancement and calibrated the whole thing from the start again, its WORKING! Note that in order to get correct HDR the gaming mode must be turned on (very strange) and the black level to low.

My technical knowledge is very limited and I am kind of still new to this whole thing.

Help is appreciated thank you all 😊🙏


Jack Y. M.

Peto Pedro


I have connected PC to mine Q85T  and I don't use HDR..  with off it is much better .. 

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You made sure HDMI Black Levels (RGB Range) between the PC and the TV match? Also, it is recommended to turn off contrast enhancer and max out backlight. I also turn off any energy saving or ambient backlight dimming features in HDR mode, it ruins the peak brightness and contrast ratio.