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Purple patches on TV


 Hello.  I have a 48 LED Smart TV.  Model No is UE48H6400AKXXU


About 6 months I noticed that there were a couple of purple patches on the screen.  They are very noticeable with pale or white backgrounds especially adverts which often have a lot of white on the screen.


Initially there was a patch that radiated from the bottom left corner about 12cm outward and then about 4/5ths across the screen on the right there was another patch from the top about the same 12cm width but went down about 2 thirds of the screen so about 40cm long.


Over the past 6 months they have become more noticeable.  a darker shade of purple plus of course I am aware of them so notice them more.


When a normal picture is on screen they distort the colour quite a lot.  Worse on lighter colours than darker ones.  The rest of the screen is fine but of course it is annoying to have these colour distortions on the screen.


Other than these problems the rest of the TV functions fine.


I would guess I have had the TV about 2 years now or just over.


Can you tell me if there is anything I can do or is the TV on the way out?  What is the expected lifetime of these TV sets?  and will it be costly to repair?  Not sure if there is any warranty over the year on these TVs.

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@Jamesdnyc wrote:

I am having the same problem. My tv is 13 months old. I was informed by 2 separate people from samsung support that this is a problem they are receiving many calls for. They also told me that the software update that my tv is currently on should be 1467 However my tv is currently up to update version 1500.4. It was after the update that I started having this problem. Because I am 1 month past the warranty they won't do anything to help me. When I asked if they can remote access my tv, I was told that they have to update their own software so they couldn't. I asked to speak to a supervisor, because I thought they might be more informed about this problem, or why my tv received an update that it wasn't supposed to. I was told they were in a meeting and they would call me when they were done and they had been informed about my case. I never received that phone call.


So, rubbish customer services! I must admit I didn't even check the update on mine, but I seem to remember that it's been a long time since I've had an update. I bought another TV, different make. Once I get an item which turns out not to be good quality I tend not to buy anything made by that company again!

I think I'm going to go with another brand also. I have been looking to get the qled for my living room but now I'm going to go with the LG oled. From what I've read it was getting slightly better reviews anyway, but samsung has always been my go to for electronics. After the way the handled the situation with a 6 series tv, I'm not comfortable spending 5 thousand dollars on their product. I know they are not liable for the tv because it is technically past the warranty, even if it is only by 1 month. However if they would have told me they would give 100 bucks off of the purchase of a new tv even if I had to purchase it straight from them, I would have been satisfied.

Honestly, a year's guarantee for something like a TV is an insult, I believe mine was two, but I might be wrong. Sadly, I can't afford an OLED, it would be what I would buy if it was possible though. LG is a good company, so you should be ok 😊

Ive also got a Samsung 49" 3D TV with a purple patch on the bottom left, My 12 month warrenty has expired and ive been quoted £290 for a new panel. absolutley gutted, we have only had the TV for 19 months and now when we watch TV we end up just looking and talking about the purple patch. Customer service said there was nothing they can do. Was thinking the tv would last atleast 6,7,8 years. we have a LG TV in our bedroom thats lasted over 6 years no problems at all. We had trouble with the batteries being loose in the remote from day one, will never buy another Samsung product again.

I have a Sharp Aquos 3D 62" 2013. It developed a purple spot 15" x 6" after warranty expired. Called Bestbuy, all they wanted to know was did I have the extended warranty, my answer - no, zero help from BB.  Searched google many times, but tonite found help. "purple spot on sharp tv"....guy said to change the settings to "Dynamic Fixed" in the AV mode and so far (an hour) the spot has lightened by about 75% !!!  I will post progress in about a week.

This fix has improved my purple spot by 75% !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have recently encountered this on my UE55HU7200U set, it started approx a month ago and is about 10" x 10" in the bottom right-hand corner 


I have read that replacing the Tcon board can fix 90% of screen issues, I can pick one of these up for about £25 


Does anyone know if this would fix the haze ??

First, there is another such thread in the forum.  We should try to unify the comments.


Second, no, replacing electronics will not affect the problem.  This is an LED failure and only a panel replacement will do.  This repair is, of course, outrageously expensive.  My UN65JS8500 has developed the same problem (a 15'' by 12'' purple haze area near the right top area of the panel), and the Samsung repair facility wants $2000 to repair it.  Ridiculous!! The TV is only 2.3 years old.  Apparently, whatever QA Samsung has in place is inadequate in predicting this failure.  So, they are passing these faulty panels to customers.


If there is anything that calls for a class-action suit, this is it.  I am ready to sign up if a law group decides to take this on.  I have everything that is required.  I will turn it in to anybody who wants to take this on.


I have the same problem, my TV was bought in November 2015 and since Summer 2017 purple and grey areas are everywhere! It's impossible to watch anything that is dominated by a single colour including soccer matches. It was an expensive device but the quality is extremely poor!! I also own a "unbranded" led TV, older that this one and the picture is imaculate!! At the same time I also bought a Samsung dvd player and also is impossible to use because the motor produces an incredible loud noise! Samsunf is an awful, awful brand that sells trash for high prices. I will never, never buy another Samsung device in my life.

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