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Problems with Samsung 85" t/v

(Topic created on: 26-02-2024 07:42 PM)


I've had my t/v for 18 months now and have enjoyed watching stuff in 4k and 8k without issues. However last week while watching a documentary in 4k, I noticed a drop in picture quality. Instead of everything being nice and crisp, things began to get soft and less detailed. I assumed it was the program and tried other channels, but the soft effect was on everything I tried. News 24 and Sky News are both in hd now but the image I'm getting is more like an sd picture. If I watch a 4k recording it now seems more like a poorer version of hd with shimmering edges to everything and less detail. The sound from what I can tell is still ok.

When I watch stuff via Samsung (YouTube and the like) that comes from the routers wi-fi box. When I watch the news or other programmes they come from my Virgin box which is connected via an expensive 1 meter long HDMI 2.1 cable. Ultimately both boxes are fed by a splitter and one cable from the wall. I've checked and wiggled all the cables I can find and both boxes have been switched on and off a few times now but nothing has changed. Strangely I get the same problem when I play back recordings from the Vigin box which I've already watched in 4k, but now look more like weaker hd.

My provider is Virgin. They have run tests from their base and they say that there are no issues with my modem or Virgin box.

So at the moment it looks like a possible technical issue with the Samaung t/v. My question to you very helpfull people is this. Are there any settings on the t/v that could have changed for some reason? Can I do anything to test or check for problems with the t/v before I call out an engineer.

Bare in mind I'm 70 yrs old and don't know much about this stuff so please keep your answers very simple. I think I've included everything that you need to know but if you need more please ask.

Thank you,