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Problem with Samsung ue50tu7000kxxu showing Virgin Tivo

(Topic created on: 13-02-2021 12:14 AM)
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Hello all, I am having an issue with my new Samsung ue50tu7000kxxu showing my Virgin Tivo on HDMI1, it worked fine for a day, then the following night it started flashing on and off on the Virgin channel (HDMI1) I restarted everything in every sequence, I got weird colours at first, with some strange static 'noise' then it stopped seeing it altogether, it shows the 'welcome' screen, and the 'Starting up screen' (on the Tivo) but then it goes blank and the TV can't detect it.

I spoke to Samsung technical chat who suggested that the software on the TV was incompatible with the Tivo V6....which I find incomprehensible.

I plugged the Tivo into my older 2016 Samsung TV and it worked perfectly, and everything else on the TV works fine.

I have reset both the TV and the Tivo many times in every single order, but still have the same result, I have also edited the source to make sure it was looking for the right thing, and I have tried both setting up the universal remote and not.

I refuse to believe that Samsung would bring a 2020 TV out that wasn't compatible with Virgin Tivo in the UK.

Any help would be great so that I don't end up sending the TV back only for it to happen again.

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hi, I've got the same model TV. I've had a similar problem with a brand new Humax 4k freeview box, screen flashing on and off. the only way I could get it to work properly was to switch off the auto detect and manually select a display that works. I think it might be something to do with the copyright protection, but I might be wrong. Hope this helps you.