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Popping Sound on a Crystal UHD 2020 55TU8505 when connected via HDMI eARC

(Topic created on: 26/01/21 09:58)
El Vikingo

Hello all,


I realise that this post is similar to that of many who have sound issues with all kinds of 2020 TV models. My current set up is a 55" Crystal UHD 8505 to a Yamaha RX-V6A receiver. 

The devices recognise each other fine in the setup process as Atmos and eARC enabled. However, the sound is output in PCM only and pops randomly. It is a loud sound followed by a second of silence. It is very annoying and worries me that it may damage either my recover or speakers. 

I have tried tips from all over the internet to no avail, including system resets, factory defaults and carefully testing the settings, changing HDMI cables and ports. 

Nothing helps. To get by, I have to disable the eARC function or bypass the TV sound with a Firestick plugged directly into the receiver. 

This is my first Samsung, coming from a long line of Sonies. I am disappointed beyond belief. Spending so much money on high quality brands only to find these limiting factors is disheartening.

I would appreciate others sharing similar situations to encourage Samsung to address this in firmware updates. 

Thanks to all


I have a different TV and audio equipment, but experience popping sounds too. This is very random, while playing TrueHD content over an Nvidia Shield directly connected to the soundbar. The soundbar got an eARC update, which is probably when it started. People with other brand soundbars hooked up to the Shield do not experience this issue. Samsung is quick to blame Nvidia. Trust me, I've tried it all. 

Long story short: I don't know about your return policy, but I would keep a very close eye on this issue and just return the TV if you lose hope of this being fixed soon. It is not worth the aggrivation if you can get an equally good TV instead from another brand and be done with it.