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[Petition] Need Game-mode1 and Game-mode2 [Q95T/Q90T/Q80T/Q85T]

(Topic created on: 23-12-2020 04:40 AM)

Dear Samsung,


There is no local dimming working on game-mode because of your lowest inputlag which leads to 0 contrast with washed-out image.


Did we paid premium amount for a gaming setup to see a terrible blooming/light bleeding on Game-mode?


With Game-MotionPlus triggers slightly average local dimming also it is creating artifacts or stutter.  everywhere on online forums people are complaining about this blooming/light bleeding on Game-mode and no body likes Game-MotionPlus.


So Pls give us options to select two game-modes


for ex:


Game-mode1 : lowest inputlag/ ineffective local dimming (which is already there)


Game-mode2 : better local dimming/ rich contrast with slightly higher inputlag because of the processing to apply. (which gives better experience overall like sony TVs)


We don't need your Game-MotionPlus and undefeatable DTM digital tone mapping even HGIG engaged. We need more accurate details processed by the console not by the TV.


If you take care of the gaming community we'll keep upgrading with samsungs newer model otherwise definitely you'll loose entire gaming community permanently.


Note: Attached video proof provided by professional calibrator Vincent. Also Take a look on your own samsung forums and AVSforums that how many gaming users are complaining about washed-out image and fake HGIG when game-mode enabled.
















Above images are captured when displaying same content on Game-mode ON vs OFF




First Poster

It’s so bad right? So many games look horrible. 

It’s not just us though. The prominent TV review vlogger and professional TV calibrator “HDTVTest” explains the issue here:

Follow his steps for HDR calibration (but his TV settings look terrible so ignore them - just do the 14 clock thing for HDR calibration).

The best I can get is game mode auto, dynamic black level 0, gamma turned as far down as possible, shadow detail -2, contrast enhancer high, local dimming high, colour 45, HCiC on.

I think I got that right.

Don’t bother with any of the other calibration instructions in the Xbox. They don’t work. It’s not possible.

Note also that if you fiddle with game mode while the game is running it will disable HDR and you have to quit the game to get back into HDR. Also once HDR turns off it’s then a whole different settings configuration. So first time you may want to toggle Game Mode off and on to setup for both HDR (game appears as ST.2022 or something) and non-HDR (gamma BT.1886 or something).

I hope that helps. It is by far the worst and most disappointing aspect of this otherwise great TV. Did Samsung not test this at all? I really can’t understand. The default settings should be perfect. I’ve spent so many hours trying to get this right. It’s hugely impacted my experience and perception of this TV. My friend’s Sony X70G looks soooooo much better in games. He just followed the standard Xbox calibration. How is it impossible to calibrate on the Q80T. They can never have tested it. PS and Xbox and Switch all look *****.

I doubt I will buy a Samsung TV next time solely for this reason. It’s lazy to the point of disrespect.