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Apple TV app Dark playback and unwatchable

(Topic created on: 23/12/20 00:31)
New Member

I purchased a Samsung 65 inch Q80t a few months back and it is basically unusable using the Apple TV app. The picture is too dark compared to my actual Apple TV which looks correct. I don’t have a 4K Apple TV yet so watching 4K movies in the Apple TV app is something I was very much looking forward to.


it’s shockingly bad. When I go to the Samsung settings I have to basically reset the picture settings to bring back brightness on the tv after using the Apple TV app. 

I am using the latest firmware and the picture is still awful on the Apple TV. I spent north of $1600 on this television. I don’t want to sound bitter about it But if I’m going to spend that amount of money on the television, it should work. Samsung repeatedly touts the picture quality of these TVs And yet here I am just trying to watch a movie with my thumb up my you know what. 

I see other people are having issues as well. Can we please get a fix For these expensive devices we have purchased?