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Network Problems with UN40EH5300FXZA

(Topic created on: 19-12-2022 04:59 PM)
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Fiber optics were finally laid in my rural neighberhood and I finally have a 1GHz wi-fi connection.  So I'm adding services such as prime video and Disney plus.  I have two Samsung Smart TVs, a 55" set and the 40" set referenced in my Subject heading.  Everything went smoothly with my 55" set but I'm having problems with the 40" set.  I can go on and seemingly connect to the internet.  I.E., when I check network status it says I'm connected to the Internet and ready to go.  But when I try to do anything on the Smart Hub, it says I am not connected to the internet and to check my Network.  When I go back and recheck my network status it says I'm connected to the Internet and ready to go.  I online chatted with Samsung and contacted my network provider and both suggested unplugging the TV and Network, waiting for a short period of time and then plugging the network back in, waiting a bit, plugging the TV back in and then trying again.  Same problem. Any ideas?



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HI @scilipoj Do you have the latest firmware which is 2004   Instructions for Wireless Network on page 19 of Guide 

However if that does not solve it ideas include the following:
switching off Tv for a minute, a soft Reset (pressing and holding power button on Smart Remote for around 5 seconds until Tv restarts ) and rebooting router(unplug from mains) Another possible solution is to change the DNS settings. Go to Network-Network Settings-DNS Settings. Change from Automatic to to or (Google servers) or or (Open DNS)

Some information here

I take it you are based in the US,bear in mind that this is the European communities site (uk/Ireland forum)  and thus would not be able to offer more specialised support. For your information the US community is here 

I do not work for Samsung or make Samsung Products but provide independent advice and valuable contributions.

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