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Netflix sound not working on UE50NU7400 with digital output


I've had a Samsung Smart TV linked via an optical out cable to a Marantz CR610 hifi system for 4 years and everything worked OK, including Netflix.


The old TV gave up the ghost, so in September I bought a new Samsung UE50NU7400 4K TV, connecting it exactly the same way as the old TV.


The sound from the TV to the Marantz system works fine, just as before, whether the content comes direct from the TV or from the Sky box which.  The one probem is Netflix.  Netflix works fine through the TV speakers, but if I switch on the Marantz system the Netflix app carries on playing the picture, but no sound comes through the optical out cable to the Marantz system - we just get silence.


It appears to be a weird aspect of the Netflix app, but since it worked on the old Samsung TV it seems odd that it's stopped working on the new one.


Anyone have any ideas?  Thanks.

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Does anyone from Samsung see this post? We would like this optical out and not so smart TV updated to play properly!


Problem fixed!!!! Thank you for the support!


And this is still broken.


I have a painful workaround which involves switching between Disney+, Prime or Plex apps one at a time and back to Netflix until the sound starts working. At this point I get perfect DD+ through HDMI ARC to my Yamaha amp.


So the TV and the Netflix app are both capable of doing it ... but this stupid song and dance sometimes requiring me to swap back and forth 4 or 5 times is beyond ridiculous.


Come on Samsung, just fix this!


I have a q80 series. The hdmi arc plays everything. The optical out won't play any of the apps..Netflix, amazon prime, YouTube etc.. the other hdmi inputs play out of the optical. Just not any apps.


I'm experiencing the same problem.  Firmware 1356.2 (I'm from Hong Kong) and plays strange and stuttered sound on Netflix when using HDMI arc.  I tried to use optical (disconnect the HDMI) to connect the TV and AV amp and play no sound at all for YouTube app or TV.  Does anyone experience the same problem as me?

Dumbest post award goes too......

The optical fibre found to be faulty, so I'll have another try using digital out (optical) to see if I can get around the problem...


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Hi Tess,


If you are actually a person who works for Samsung who moderates the community responses, then a couple of comments to


1) I agree, respect of others who post is essential but also 

2) How about someone from Samsung actually replying to this thread that is 9 pages long with a response to hundreds of people who are experiencing this issue with an actual

update that tells us that Samsung care about their customers and will actually commit to fixing this issue!? Do we need to get to 100 pages of complaints before Samsung will post a reply to their customers who have purchased a product that worked with Netflix app and HDMI ARC when they bought their TV and now doesn't after a firmware update that was now 3 months ago!!?


Please can we have something from the company!!!?   


Thanks for your input there moderator. 

any input on actually fixing the problem. 9'pages long, and on a second thread too. 

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