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How to screen mirror to your Samsung TV

(Topic created on: 30-04-2020 02:03 PM)
Samsung Pro

Samsung Ecosystem has streamlined massively the processes of making different devices interact with each other inside your home. 


What once required cables and complex processes, like viewing on your TV content from other sources, is now done in just a matter of seconds. 


Thanks to SmartView, you can mirror the screen of your Samsung mobile device on your Samsung TV smoothly and easily.


Bear in mind that your TV and your device must be on the same WiFi network for SmartView to work.


Let's see how to do that!


  1. Drop down the top menu, and select the SmartView icon
  2. Your device will  now search for available devices
  3. When it appears, tap your TV to connect
  4. If asked, enter the PIN that appears on screen
  5. By tapping on the SmartView floating icon, you can adjust the screen ratio, to extend your display to adapt to either your TV or your tablet screen.

See below how it's done!