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Freesat EPG Missing Preview Screen

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I KNOW this was an issue years ago because I’ve found posts online but I’m hoping there a fix or even a work around!


On my QE55Q7FN, when I’m in the Freeview EPG, I get a nice little preview window, showing the channel I’m on, in the top left hand corner.  In Freesat, I don’t. 

‘I have two sat feeds connected up and both are working.  


When I’m auto tuning, if I pick SATELLITE instead of FREESAT, I get the little preview screen


when I asked Samsung on live chat they said it was because I’d disconnected my freeview antenna.    When I rang up Samsung support they told me there was no preview in the epg because “Freesat has a LOT of channels”.


I’m none the wiser!


So, if I can’t get that little tv screen preview in FREESAT, what would be the best satellite to use to get the correct “Freesat” listings, if that make sense? 


I have a similar issue on my 2020 TV and can’t seem to find a fix!

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