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TV Plus changes my settings

(Topic created on: 17-06-2021 03:46 PM)
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I have a QE49Q6FNA TV. I use the Apps and HDMI for as much viewing as possible but my Live TV connection is Freesat. I don't have a terrestrial aerial.

The TV Plus app is installed and is occasionally used, particularly if the kids are looking for cartoons. However, I find it very difficult to exit TV Plus once it is triggered.

If I press the Return button, it asks me if I wish to exit TV Plus. However, when I go back into TV mode, it goes straight back to TV Plus, not to Live TV. Also, the Live TV panel disappears from the homescreen, once TV Plus is triggered. 

The only way to get out of TV Plus is to go into the Channel List and change the aerial type from Terrestrial back to Freesat.

To stop this from happening accidentally (i.e. when the kids do it), I've removed TV Plus from the homescreen. However, TV Plus is then missing completely. I have to go back into the Channel List, change the aerial type back to Terrestrial, and then TV Plus reappears in the type of TV channel.

Is there something wrong with my settings, or is it not possible for TV Plus to sit happily on a TV that only has a Freesat aerial connection, without constantly having to change the aerial type from Freesat to Terrestrial?