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External Subtitles on UE32M5525

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Hello Samsung Community.


This is my first post here.

I'm reaching you to find out if someone has the same problem I do, and the solution for it!


The thing is, I have a Samsung FHD TV UE32M5525 with the latest firmware (v1262.0) connected to my Wi-Fi network, where I also have a Iomega Home Media Network Hard Drive that delivers a DLNA Server (Twonky v7.2.9-5). All the media that I share with the TV is playable however with no access to the external subtitles in SRT format. All the files have the same name (with different extension, of course). If the subtitles are embeded on the MKV container, all goes well. Also, my UE46F7000, 2013 TV runs the DLNA media with the subtitles like a charm!!! Can't figure out what's going on with a modern TV that doesn't cope with older tecnologies...

If someone has some input on this, please share it with me.


Thanks in advance.





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