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External hard drive to show photos on TV

(Topic created on: 25/01/21 23:35)
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Hi i have samsung model UE55MU8000T; type UE55MU8000. I have a load of photos which i have on an external disk and then through the USB port i can show the folders on the screen and view etc. The hard drive used to work on the TV, and still works perfectly on all my older smaller Samsung TVs (UE32H5500AK)..

but the main tv has now stopped showing them. It recognises the hard disk, and when you go to open it you get the spinning circle as it tries to access the files. It used to do this for a minute when it worked and then would show the folders (this was probably a couple of years ago).. now no good.

i have tried:

1) reset factory settings on the TV

2) tried 4 different hard disks

3) tried in all the USB sockets (side of TV, and the 2 in the mini-dock thing (marked up as HDD vs with 0,5v/1v etc)..

4) tried using all 4 disks with NTSV format and with exFAT formats 

5) tried deleting the files so only 1 photo file on the disk (so its not a quantity issue)

it just wont have it.. feels like maybe as the software has updated automatically maybe its lost the ability? Really annoying .. any help / suggestions appreciated. Part of reason for buying this particular TV was to use their software for this which used to be good (rather than SONY which wasn’t).. but not although other samsung TVs are ok, (not HD) this one isn’t!