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eARC problem with Soundbar and Humax Freeview Box

(Topic created on: 23-09-2023 03:29 PM)
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I have a Sennheiser soundbar which I have connected via the eArc HDMI socket on the TV and on the soundbar. This works and allows me to process all audio from the TV tuner and all smart services (Netflix, Amazon, iPlayer etc) but as soon as I connect up an external device to a spare HDMI socket on the TV (1, 2 or 4) the TV sets the HDMI audio out to the new device and thus reports messages that the eArc device is connected to the wrong socket and I loose the soundbar ability to receive sound via HDMI. I have a Humax Freeview Box which I use to record terrestrial TV and as soon as I plug this in it believes it is the HDMI device that should receive the HDMI audio.

Is this a known issue that eARC only works if you only have 1 device connected to the TV via HDMI?

The TV is a Samsung QLED 75Q95TD