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Dust build up between panel and bezel

(Topic created on: 17-06-2020 09:57 PM)
First Poster

I purchased a brand new QE55Q70RATXXU TV last December and their have been some small things that have been getting a little concerning recently.


The main issue has been a dust build up between the panel and bezel at the bottom. (see pictures below). When I first noticed this a few months ago I just carefully wiped it away not thinking much about it. My home is always kept clean and tidy as my partner has nothing else better to do with her time. Just a few days ago I had notice it happening again.


On closer inspection their seems to be a dust build up in sections going along the front with about the same disctance between each dust build up. Is the TV sucking in the air via small vents at the front? is it sucking air in via  the back and these are like extractor vents at the front.


I spent out alot of money for this TV and apart from the other things that have been niggling me, this dust build up shouldnt be so obvious and its worrying what will happen in a few years time or sooner. Will the TV stop working or slow down because of a dust build up inside. Its worrying.


Does anyone else experince this or can offer any adivse.

ThanksSam 1.jpgSam 2.jpgSam 3.jpg