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DUPLICATE: No output once TV booted - How can I factory reset?


EDIT - apologies, I have just seen various other threads on this issue.


I've had my UE55MU7000 for 2 weeks, and all was working fine until a couple of days ago. I unplugged the TV from the wall as we were changing the TV cabinet (the one we had was way too small for this new TV). When I plugged it back in, I got the "Samsung Smart TV" splash screen, and after that I get nothing. 


I have tried all sorts - with and without the "One Connect" box connected, with and without HDMI inputs connected to the "One Connect" box (obviously only when it is connected to the TV!) with no joy. 


If I press the power button on the remote, I see the standby LED go on and off as expected, but no screen output. The only thing I do get is a very quick flash of (what looks like) blue screen when switching off. 


If I unplug the TV from the mains, when I plug it back in I will get the "Samsung Smart TV" splash screen, so I know the panel itself hasn't failed. 


I have tried using both the smart and regular remote to access the menu etc but still no joy.


Is there a way I can factory reset the TV without the on screen menu? All of the articles I have found online refer you to the on screen menu (which I can't access). Or does anyone know of a fix? I have called the support line, hoping for some options to try, but all I could get was an engineer visit - ideally I'd like to get it working again ASAP.




Hey @jw24


Habe you recently updated the software on your TV?


This is a known issue and I'd encourage you to seek further assistance from our AV team, they can be contacted on 03307267864.




Thanks for the response. Yeah I have and since reading other posts I now know the problem. I have asked on another thread but I will also ask here - is there a way to force the TV to boot from USB? From reading other posts it sounds like the engineers just do a FW update over USB? Can't we (the customers) flash the latest FW from USB? Need to know how to get the TV to boot from USB though as obviously I can't access the support menu. 




Same problem with UE55H6700SL starting from yesterday, not sure if because of the software update. After powering on the TV, splash screen is displayed, red power on button flashes 4? times and nothing happens. Cannot power of by remote, only by unplugging. TV seems to be responding to remote since red power light is flashing when pushing buttons.

Have tried different remote control combinations suggested. Also tried the 4 hour on, 30s power out of the socet, power on combination - no use. Tried the latest firmware update from the USB as well but tv does not seem to boot from the USB stick. Cannot find more useful information from Youtube, no service manual - nothing.


Are any Samsung technicians reading this forum? Have talked to some friends who also have had constant similar problems with their smartTV-s. Will this be the norm in the future that such kind of updates will be released which render the TV useless. Why not offer the world-wide english speaking community some useful information in order to fix their TV-s? Why not provide such components and info on them that they are more accessible. Let community provide some input to develop your product.

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