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Dolby Atmos on QN95B with HW-Q700A & SWA-9500s

(Topic created on: 24-06-2022 08:12 PM)
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I'm hoping that someone can help me with my problem.

Since a few days I have a new TV and Soundbar incl. Rear Speakers.

Today I was testing, if Dolby Atoms is working properly and noticed the following problem.

I was using this file "dolby-test-tones_5_1_4.mp4" to check if all channels are triggered the right way.

I played the file both from an USB stick and from my PC which is connected by HDMI.

For both setups I had the same results:

The three front channels and the subwoofer do what they are supposed to do. 

But as soon as the back channels were triggered, not only the rear speakers were playing the sound but also the front speakers of the soundbar were makeing some noise. The same problem I had with the top cannels.

I also was trying a simple 5.1 surround sound test file which was working properly. Front and back channels where triggered the right way.

This is my setup:

GQ65QN95 <-> eARC <-> HW-Q700A & SWA-9500s

This are my settings:

Sound output: TV + Soundbar Q700A / Soundbar Q700A (I tried both, without effect)

Sound mode: (I tried all, without effect)

HDMO-eARC Mode: Auto

Digital Output Audio Format: Auto

Dolby Atmos: ON

Adative Sound+: ON / OFF (I tried both, without effect)

Has anyone the same problem or an idea, what could be the problem? I assume it's a software issue, as I tried everything i could think of, but its just a guess.


Hello. Got the same issue with qe75q80r and q90r soundbar - rear channels are "dublicated" by front channels. Tryed to talk with support - no help, "reset TV", "reset soundbar" - no effect.

However, I've got correct results when played same files from my PC .