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Horizontal line on TV

(Topic created on: 24-06-2022 07:48 PM)
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Our TV is less than 2 years old (nov 2020). A grey line has appeared on the screen (not just apps or HDMI connected devices). 
The line dims/fades as your looking at it but is always visible. 
it goes from right to left but doesn’t reach the full width of the screen. 
I’ve carried out hard resets, unplug/re plug, picture reset and self diagnostic on the settings menu but it still remains. I’ve also checked all ports and connected properly and found it appears no matter what I’m using with the TV or what app I’m on. 

I’ve contacted Samsung who, becuase it’s out of warranty, have advised to take it to a Samsung repair shop which is a very far away, and pay for the repair. 

can anyone help here… I am a Computer Science and Media teacher so have some knowledge of TVs but I don’t want to start taking this apart to fix! I suspect this could be an LED strip but not 100%. Tried to take pictures but obviously not perfect with using a camera on an LED screen.