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Different picture settings per mode and source

(Topic created on: 28-09-2022 05:45 PM)
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I'm a little confused about the picture settings on my new QN90A. Are the customised settings saved per mode? E.g if I set the brightness to 30 in movie mode but 20 on standard mode, I assume it will apply the relevant brightness (and all the other settings) depending on which mode you select? 

I've also noticed that when I watch a HDR movie on Disney+ for example, the TV appears to override certain settings in the currently selected mode, eg the brightness changes to 50 (even though I have movie mode selected at the time, with a brightness of 30). Is this normal? How can I change this - do I need to be changing the picture settings while watching a HDR show? 

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HI @andyste1  Yes your preferences will  be saved for the relevant modes.  However the HDR settings kick in when watching that content, for the best best Peak Brightness contrast and Brightness  need to be at Maximum  with local Dimming also at High.  If you do not find the result  to your liking can make adjustments.  You can see information on your set in this article 

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