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Casting from TV while in Android App

(Topic created on: 04-07-2020 07:38 PM)
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I have just bought my 1st Samsung TV in years. It's a QLED QA65Q70RAK.


All others are currently LG.


On my Android phone (not a Samsung) I could cast directly from apps that have the 'cast' option in view screen on the top right (the tv with a wifi icon on)....All my LG TV's that are on come up....but not the Samsung.


I realise I can drop my Android menu down and cast from there...but it's an extra process and not as seamless as my LGs..


Am I doing something wrong?


I have the Smart Things app and have added the new Samsung.


To say the least, I'm extreamly dissapointed. I'm quite sure this will be my last for some time too.....


The Live TV icon coming back all the time after removing it (I read the forums and will move to end of 1st home screen view)...the OS is slow and seems glitchy at 'magic' mouse feature (just presumed this high end TV would have a mouse built into the remote). What a letdown 😟. In fact for that reason alone I'll stick to LG. TV won't turn on via Alexa...only off...doesn't seems there's a solution to that as I googled research....


Also is there a way the TV can boot straight into ambient picture mode?


On the plus side, pic quality is great and blacks are supurb, but expected at the price.


Thank you in advance for your advice/assistance.