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Broken TV - Do Samsung TV's only last 3 years?


Hi all,


I have many tv's and they have lasted between 20 and 30 years + 


My Samsung has lasted for three years. Is this normal? I've called support and they have said tuff luck. I just find this one expensive disposable product. If that's the case that's £200 a year, ouch.


Anyone else had the same experience? 




Hi @TVuser 


We're sad to hear this. Could you tell us what problem you're having with the TV?


Us too.

It's a green line that goes across the screen.

Never even been touched, just happened from nowhere and is highly distracting.

Never seen this happen, especially on a tv of this age before.

Image attached





HI, I think the answer to that is yes, I just posted  a comment regarding my 3 year old UE60KS7000 that cost £1600 and has developed a major fault that a Technician said cannot be diagnosed.  His only solution was to start replacing parts one at a time until the fault is fixed, but he said the cost of that could run in to several hundred pounds if not thousands if the screen needs replacing.   Basically it is now a write off after 3 years (£533 per year in my case!).  Absolutely shocking, and not what I expected of a premium brand like Samsung.


Sorry to hear that, and you are not alone; I agree, shocking!

these are obvious manufacturing problems, If you buy a mac and certain components fail they get replaced as they understand ROI unlike Samsung. This happens with most companies, But Samsung just don't seem to understand that TV loyaly goes for generations, and a simple cheap fix for them is in fact a loss of trust and respect from a customer who wont just stop buying Samsung products but will openly share the bad service they have received, think Ive told more than 20 people now.


Its quite disgusting, especially on a £1600 TV, that is a serious investment!


I for one will go back to what i know and trust in the form of a Bravia, made by a company that has never let me down (im listening through one of their amps made 23 years ago as I type).


This forum just crashed on my last reply. Seems Samsung never stops to deliver!

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