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Brightness Optimisation Function Unavailable

(Topic created on: 11-12-2022 10:45 AM)
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I bought a 2022 The Frame 55 and was having issues with the motion lighting not working, so I was having to turn the TV on and off manually...

Samsung then acknowledged that there was an issue with this, and that a system update would be released to fix the problem. Since the most recent update several months ago, however, it seems that the Brightness Optimisation and Motion Lighting functions have been made UNAVAILABLE, rather than fixed! 

I bought the TV specifically for the appeal as a discrete painting/TV, with it being as advertised as using a motion/lighting sensor, so am obviously disappointed about this. 

Are there plans to rectify the issues with the motion lighting feature in another update? Or have I purchased a TV that no longer has an advertised feature!? 

It is a shame, since the TV is otherwise great.

First Poster

I can confirm this is still an ongoing issue, customer service says that they are working on it to make these settings manually available to users but he doesn’t know when. I’m really hoping that this is the case! I really bought the TV for this feature and this alone.... otherwise I would have just bought a cheaper TV and put a screensaver on it.