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QN900B WIFI 6E 6GHz missing on EU sets

(Topic created on: 11-12-2022 12:00 PM)
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So after talking to support it seems that the EU version of their flagship TV of 2022 has the Wifi6E disabled by software and to boot the wifi 6 version that does work is very poor, if cant do 160Mhz it can only cope with 80Mhz channel bonding and the MAX TX/RX you can get is 601Mbits/s, and the crappy 10/100Ethernet port wont help you either not only is it worth about £1 its so slow you cant even watch 4k over it let alone 8k. They said only the US version has Wifi6E and maybe it will be available to EU in a software update. (don’t hold you breath there) 

So the reallity is this tv is not a flagship unless you dont want it to connect to the internet or any local resources for media using monden speeds, my 7year old samsung tv had 1GBit wired so id better spec'd than this EU flagship version and is very disapointing 

Support trasnscripts:

Upon checking, the TV's connectivity so far is 2.4GHz and 5GHz only. For 6GHz, none so far but I hope it will be added in the future software update as well.

Me: oh, the US site lists the TV with the following:

Me: Wireless Connectivity Wi-Fi Yes (WiFi6E)

Me: but wifi is not even mentioned on the UK site

Sorry but that is for the US. For the UK, 2.4GHz and 5GHz only.

Me: i feel like i have bought a lemon

I really wish that I can magically make your TV a 6GHz compatible. If your TV is newly purchase, might as well return the TV to the retailer where you purchase it and buy a new TV that is 6GHz compatible.