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Advertisements in Samsung Television smart app hub (QLED Q60T, 43")

(Topic created on: 12-11-2022 01:11 AM)
Anonymous User
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I find it nothing but a scam on Samsung parts that they are showing advertisement in products that people did buy. Even when I don't accept Samsung advertising TOS in the set-up. This is also a scam on Samsung parts because I paid for my television a full price and should not be subject to advertisements to make Samsung even more richer. This is nothing but intolerable greed that is shameful and offending to the buyer and the user of Samsung products. Company that behaves this way should be avoided by everyone for every product that they make.

The only way to get rid of the ads is to factory re-set the television and disconnect it from the internet. That's exactly what I am going to do. I don't know what type of television I'm going to buy next. But it won't be a Samsung television (same goes for their mobile phones, because they advertisement infection is also in them).

Added: If other producer is as bad as Samsung. Then I'll keep buying Samsung television (and mobile phones) next time I get a new television. But that television, like the one I have now is never going to get connected to the internet. As for Samsung mobile phones. That's under a review for now, but if this is the same problem with other manufactures, then I'll just keep using Samsung mobile phones, but figure out how to disable the ads completely.

Edited: Fixed text and added updated as needed.