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6 Series UE40J6240 Smart 40" LED TV

(Topic created on: 26-08-2018 02:54 PM)
First Poster

I bought the above TV in November 2016.  All was fine until February 2018 when, a few days after I did a channel reset, I got the black screen of death.  

Went through all the tedious troubleshooting, many frustrating calls to the support centre in Korea... eventually after they tried to get me to pay for a repair and I refused point blank, they arranged for soemone local, to collect the TV and repair it. It was returned a few weeks later...   In all, I was without a TV for around a month, and with all the stress of the kind of bad communciation you get from call centres, it was a nightmare.   


The exact same thing has happened again only yesterday.  Coincidentially, I did a channet reset about a week ago... so this is something that has happened on both ocassions.   It's not good enough when the TV is less than two years old and it hardly has wear and tear or damage done to it.    


I feel that this is a faulty set and should now be replaced.  I will never buy another Samsung TV, or if I do, I'll buy one from John Lewis where at least I feel they would deal with the problem themselves as part of thier excellent customer service.