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An overview of the enhancement (Writing Assist) when sending or receiving messages on the Galaxy S24


An overview of the enhancement (Writing Assist) when sending or receiving messages on the Galaxy S24

The Samsung Galaxy S24 offers enhanced features for sending and receiving messages. Real-time conversation translation makes cross-language communication more convenient when interacting with  friends around the world. Send messages to suit your mood or situation with new sentence style suggestions. Plus, the proofreading tool can ensure that you send and receive messages with correct spelling.



Please Note: At the time of release, 13 languages (17 regions) are supported. Additional languages will be added in future updates.

  • Supported languages (Regions)
    Chinese Simplified, English (India, United Kingdom, United States), French, German, Hindi, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese (Brazil), Spanish (Mexico, Spain, United States), Thai, Vietnamese.

How to set up and use Chat translation in a messaging app

The Chat translation feature allows you to translate messages in a conversation.

Setup Chat translation



Step 1. Open Settings >Tap Advanced features.



Step 2. Tap Advanced intelligence.



Step 3. Tap Samsung Keyboard.



Step 4. Tap Chat translation > Turn the switch On.

How to use Chat translation

The Chat translation feature is currently supported in the following messaging apps:


* Samsung / Android Messages, Google Chat, Kakao Talk, Signal

* WhatsApp, Line Messenger, Instagram (DM), Tango



Step 1. In a conversation, tap the Writing Assist icon.



Step 2. Select Chat translation.



Step 3. Select your preferred language in the popup at the top of the screen. The translated text will appear below the original text.

Please Note: If no language is selected, the phone's system language is automatically selected as the default.

How to change writing style and check spelling and grammar

Another feature offered by Live translate involves suggesting writing styles and checking grammar and spelling.



Step 1. After writing a message, tap the Writing assist icon.



Step 2. Choose the option to change Writing style or to check Spelling and grammar.


Step 3. You can select and apply your desired writing style or check your spelling and grammar.


Writing style. Choose the preferred writing style or filter styles by clicking on the “Show all” drop down menu to the right.



Spelling and grammar. Check for errors and suggested improvements.

Please Note:

  • This is an example using the Samsung Messages app. Instructions may vary depending on the messaging app used.
  • Due to the nature of AI, translation results may vary each time you translate.
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