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How to send a private message on the Samsung Community

(Topic created on: 15/01/21 19:09)
Community Manager
Samsung Lounge

As well as participating in our boards through our threads, the Samsung Community has a Private Message feature available to users on a browser. At the moment, this is not yet available on the Samsung Members app version of the Community but you can always head to our web version on a browser to access this. Here's the link: 


How to Private Message on the Samsung Community: Quick Guide

  1. Click your avatar/'Profile Settings' menu at the top right of the Community.
  2. Select 'Messages' from the drop down 
  3. Click the 'New message' icon
  4. Select user to send to
  5. Send message

How to Private Message on the Samsung Community: Full Guide with reference screenshots 

  1. Click your avatar/'Profile Settings' menu at the top right of the Community.PM_1.jpg
  2. Select 'Messages' from the menuPM_2.jpg
  3. Click the 'New message' iconPM_3.jpg
  4. Select your recipient by writing their Community name in the 'Send to' part, clicking on the suggested user's name to populate the 'Send to', and Send Message! PM_4.jpg


You can contact the moderators who are live on the Community through our team account @Sam_UK or message an individual moderator that you meet on the Community if you have a question or want to report something. 



Samsung Lounge
Hi, just saw your message on the board, about problems with the pre order on the Upgrade Programme through the lounge and from the invitation email link.
I having the same problems as the other users posting on here.
I received my invite as an existing member of the UP, but, and I have tried umpteen times, Everything goes as you would expect, my current phone is recognised, I impute the existing Klarna contract number, select the new phone, select the free gifts, then fill in the blanks, DoB, date for delivery, household income etc Klarna then acknowledge My account with them and my Bank account stating they would use this for payments but when I then hit the payment button it buffers before stating I'm unsuccessful at this time????
Would it be down to exact date of current contract 1 yr anniversary?
Your help would be appreciated 👍