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Tab 3 in endless reboot, trying to flash with odin no progress bar on device

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Hi all, I'm not the most technical person but am looking for some help!
My Tab 3 is stuck in endless reboot, going in and out so quickly I cannot access system settings via normal interface. Have gone into recovery mode, cleared cache and reset to no avail.
Put device into download mode, connected via Odin all seemed good progress bar on odin completes cycle but the progress bar on the tab does not appear. Odin says successful but no change on Tab. Have tried different cables and ports. Have tried toi find correct files to attempt Heimdall install (not preferred choice) but cant find them,

Grateful for any help on ideally getting Odin to work.



Hey @rmhw4,


Downloading software via Odin comes under unauthourised modification of the software therefore has voided your warranty. 


Samsung wouldn't be able to offer any repair services.

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Hi rmhw4,


I would recommend a visit to a Samsung Support Centre to have the proper factory binaries reflashed as you may be trying to flash with unsecure bootloader etc.


Be mindful that you may have tripped Knox warranty (can be found in download mode screen > top LHS) which will invalidate your manufacturers warranty.


Good luck!

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