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SM t580 problem - multi-windows keep scrolling through. tablet useless!

(Topic created on: 29-09-2020 10:55 PM)
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Help! Please!

My son has a Tab A 10.1" (2016) tablet. He is disabled, and relies on it for communication and education apps and it's gone wrong!

On startup, we can load an app (say, CBeebies Iplayer). Then, the app switches to a pop-up view, and then toggles between full screen, pop-up view and minimised. The home button, back button and apps button don't work. If I'm quick, I can close the window. Then, the homescreen disappears and a "no recently used apps" message appears, switching with a small window offering "settings" and "tiles".

I managed to achieve a factory reset. No difference.

I managed to start the tablet in safe mode. Still no difference.


I'd be very grateful for your wisdom - we really need the tablet for his learning and communication, and we are a bit lost without it!


Thank you in advance for any help you can offer.

Safe mode helps eliminate if its an app causing the issue or not and as it did not work in safe mode then its safe to say that it is not a 3rd party app causing the issue.

As a factory reset has been done, as long as the device was tested without doing a restore and the issue is still there which means we need to look elsewhere.

Have you checked to see if you have a screen protector on there? These can cause issue with the screen sometimes if there is no screen protector then the final step would be to get it looked it by an official Samsung engineer to see where the issue is, it may need a simple flash or it could be a hardware fault.