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Samsung Galaxy Tab S SM-T805 Wifi Stopped Working

(Topic created on: 10-11-2017 09:13 PM)

I have an early Galaxy Tab S Wifi/4G tablet and the WiFi has suddenly stopped working. 


The symptoms are similar to several other posts reported in this community and other forums but I am yet to find a definitive answer as to what the cause is. My assumption is that the wireless radio on the motherboard has failed.


A few days ago, the WiFi started cycling round turning off and on continuously - it would stay on for say about 7-8 seconds and then turn off again. After about an hour it just failed completely. If you try and slide the Wi-Fi switch across in settings, it just stays grey and says 'turning on' - but never starts. Bluetooth also fails to work.


I've tried a factory reset and cleared the cache etc. The tablet has no physical damage (it is absolutely pristine) but is now rather useless.


My question - can someone confirm this is a motherboard issue? And if so, does anyone know the cost of Samsung UK fixing this? The device is out of warranty unfortunately. 


All help appreciated!


 All I can say is that it sounds like this issue that I'm currently documenting. I've added the link for your post into my list. Read over these comments and tell me if it sounds like the same IT issue, if you have a few minutes. I'm going to make one big post for myself listing all of these documented issues included. If you find any other threads, post it here, and I'll include it in my list.

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