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Samsung Galaxy TAB A 2019 audio

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So, I recently purchased A TAB A 2019 10.1, but, discovered the headphone/aux port is not balanced thus you get a buzz at higher volume (notably without music actually playing) on the amplified speaker system! Also, I am not convinced that, the USB C type port supports audio devices since, I tried an ESR Audio 2 in 1 adapter for around 12 quid on Amazon and no sound was detected although, it did charge the device.  Any help appreciated. 

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Is the buzz present both when the Tab A is on charge and entirely unplugged (apart from the headphones)? If the buzz goes away when its not on charge, if you've got a 3rd party charger you're using, try swapping back the original Samsung one. Not all headphone plugs are wired the same way either so do you have a different set of headphones/headset that you can plug in or even some Bluetooth ones to try?
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