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Samsung Care+ for tablet Internal server error This is impossible to get sorted

(Topic created on: 20-08-2022 05:24 PM)
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I can't get samsung care+ for my Samsung S7FE tablet, I tried direct via and there it says my Serial Number is not available for this country checked with Samsung Customer Service and it is valid Also tried via the sales.samsungcareplus and there it gets right to the end then says says internal server error.

None of the helpdesks can help, tried Tech support, online shop support, online chat support and even rang/emailed assurant directly.  They send me to Samsung customer services, Samsung Customer services sends me to Assurant.




this should be simple but its taken me 3 days of back and forth with various people to achieve nothing.

Even have a reference Number, they were trying to help and transfered me to someone who was supposed to help but that person just said hold on ill transfer you to someone who can help and put me through to BMW Roadside Assistance.... im not joking I have no idea how they did it, and the poor guy at the other end of the phone was very confused and sorry.