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problems with Samsung note

(Topic created on: 21-08-2022 09:59 PM)
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Hi, everyone!

I'm having a problem with my Samsung notes. it's the latest version: and I have a Galaxy tab 6 lite.

I'm using it to study, and now two of my books are blank with just my notes e underlines, the original text is gone.

is this a common problem? I couldn't find any answers on Google and am afraid to use it any longer, is just too much work gone.

Can I at least Export these notes to a new copy of the books, maybe?

thank you. and I hope my post makes sense. 


Yeah they are known for bugs it's best to take screen shots while you're writing out your notes at least that way you got a back up or you're other option is don't write out long notes keep them to a few pages that way your guaranteed not to lose your work also how much ram does your tab have ? It might be worth increasing the ram via ram plus in settings so it don't get bogged down hence you end up losing your work

Check out notion notes in play store try it supposed to be really good snote alternative