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S5e Update Failure and Samsung giving no service

(Topic created on: 20-09-2019 01:45 AM)
First Poster

I purchased a Samsung Tab S5e in my recent trip to Europe ( Bulgaria ) and after few hours of using the tablet and just before my return, I tried to update its software but in the middle of the updating, it stopped working. I did whatever I knew to soft-reset it with no use. Since I had to fly to Toronto, I expected to solve the problem in Canada, but Samsung Canada says it does not give any service to non-Canada product and I must  send back the tablet to Bulgaria where I bought it. I checked with other repair sources in Toronto and they all checked the tab and said hardware is completely ok but they can not do anything about the software and only I  must go to Samsung to load the ROM, but despite my many tries and communications,  Samsung Canada is giving no service to Samsung products of other countries. It is rediculous that I have to throw away a brand new device because of Samsung policy. Please let me have if you have any solution. Thanks