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S5e laggy after android 10 update

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Even after a factory reset, my s5e is very laggy after installing android 10. 


Any help appreciated.


Yes, we have 2 5e's and they are both laggy after the update. Extrememly frustrating, please help.


Looks like an update problem report this with samsung members


How ?  I thought they jump on this forum, offer advice, etc ?

@Shades: Can you try pressing the Volume Down and Power buttons together for around 10 seconds until the tablet restarts, as this will refresh the software and address any temporary issues that may have arisen after the update. If you continue to experience performance issues, you can send an error report via the Samsung Members app by following the steps below.
1. Long press the Samsung Members app icon and tap 'Error Reports'.
2. Tap OK to agree to send system log data.
3. Select Symptom category.
4. Describe your problem in detail and SEND

I did a reset via the recovery mode yesterday, and there is no lag. I haven't installed any third party apps yet so its seems to be an app issue.


I wiped cache last night, power and vol up button, but didn't help.  Will try down button.


I refuse the complete hard reset.  The lag happens across multiple apps, Google news, Facebook, etc.  Standard scrolling just freezes now and again for 5 seconds or so.  This NEVER happened for past 2 yes, only following this update.   


Yes I take the point that it could be an incompatibility issue with Android 10, but you would have thought any specific apps would have been resolved in the past as many phones/tablets are using this version.   


Installed latest UK update last night, still leggy.   This is awful.  Anyone else having same problems ?  Keep getting 5-10 second freezes, then eventually catches up.  


Yes, my S5e leggy after 10 update. Wah!

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