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(Topic created on: 16-02-2021 06:59 PM)
I'm absolutely furious how the recent update has completely changed the way split screen works without any option to change it back to the old way - and no warning at all prior to the update.

The recent 3.0 One UI update has decreased the functionality of the split screen.
1. Only allowing app pairs
2. Not allowing integration or access to recent apps
3. Not allowing the quick swap of the left panel
4. Removing access to the homescreen whilst in split screen
5. Requiring you to make endless number of app pairs in order for you to just switch your set-up
6. Completely breaking the app pair if you press the home button.
7. Once in app pair mode - removing the individual app from your recents - making it inaccessible in full screen again
8. YouTube videos used to keep playing if on your right panel and you broke away from the split screen, now they just stop whatever you end up doing or switching too
9. If you're starting a splti screen, you most likely want to put it with one of the other recent apps you're just using. If that's not immediately in your edge app display - you have to schroll, or go through the gallery to find it - thus taking numerous extra steps just to start a split screen.

And the list goes on in a number of ways that have just made split screen useless.

You have to follow the updates in order to keep up with security updates - and often minor UI updates are welcome and OK.

But when you dramatically change the core functionality of certain aspects of the system - I suddenly have a different tablet to the one I paid for. And I spent a lot of money on the S7+ as well as time getting used to a certain workflow, expectations of functionality, and muscle memory on how these work.

This absolutely must be rolled back to it's former functionality - or at the very, very least- provide an option to use the same way as the old version. I'm certain there is no power user that would find this new version more useful.

Samsung should never make such a dramatic change to a function without initially allowing users to use it the old way if that's preferred for them.

This basically means I will not follow a system update again (because the same thing happened before years ago on my Galaxy Note 8 and it was ridiculous) - thus comprimising the security of my tablet.

Edit: Added to the list

"and say that if Samsung don't roll that thing back I'm done with this stupid company who doesn't listen to customers."

Very true. It might be time for me to switch as well after  8+  years of using Samsung mobiles. You know, to give other companies a chance as well...

Kind regards,

First Poster

I completely agree! Before the update, I could pin one of the apps on the top of the screen while swapping out the app on the bottom of the screen. Not anymore in One UI 3! No more keeping a chat or voice call app AND a browser or a gallery app on the other to share.


Guys I found a workaround. It's not perfect but it lets you navigate to new apps in one split without closing the other split:

While you're in split screen with 2 apps and want to switch one of them to a new app, just pull down the notifications menu from the top all the way down. Then press the magnifying glass to search for an app on your phone. Press on that app and it will open instead of the active split without closing the other one.